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‘The book Tin Tin would have written if he’d been a Scot.’

Last night I had a few words to say at the launch of new book, Balkaneering by Jimmy Cormack. Jimmy’s book is a travel log of sorts that tells of his journey through the Balkans not long after the end of the conflict. Friends, family, authors, press and business associates were all seated, before the various speakers took to the floor. Jimmy did a great job of relaying the outline of the book while the Olida Publishing owner, Allan Sneddon, did his intros etc and held the whole show together. It was a fun night and I particularly enjoyed David Carson’s talk. It was he who quoted the immortal line mentioned in the title of the blog. ‘The book Tin Tin would have written if he’d been a Scot.’ The question now is… Where should Jimmy go next? Somalia, Columbia, Afganistan, Renton…? I’ll keep you posted. It’s a great read. Buy at Amazon


2 Responses to “‘The book Tin Tin would have written if he’d been a Scot.’”

  1. Welcome to wordpress Sam!

  2. Thanks for guiding me here in the first place!
    I’ll keep it up as much as I can.

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