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Yucky Ducky

We set off for Germany on Wednesday morning. Determined to get a good fix of the German sights and sounds in Mainz. This was a great city, with loads of older buildings and a fantastic cathedral. Emma was mortified when we dragged our trolley-bags through a shopping precinct and then almost off a cliff into the Rhein. We turned up at a very posh hotel, only to be told that ours was the cheapo one down the road. Ah! Never mind. After a nice snack in the balmy October heat, we walked back along the river as huge barges crept by in the darkness. The next morning, we struggled onto the train, where there were no seats, and then, by foot, to the Book Fair in Frankfurt. Diet not good. Frankfurters and full-fat coke with the odd bite on a Snickers bar.  Will start on the watercress soup on my return. Speaking of food, we ate in a Chinese the night before that was decked out with stuffed ducks. Really put me off the crispy ‘you-know-what’ with pancakes, spring onions and plum sauce dip. I stuck to the deep fried cabbage.


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