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Jose, Patrick and the Flood

Yes, it has been another crazy month in the zany life of Sam Wilding… fantastic kids up in Ullapool and Oban, wind-powered children in Galston, with under-floor heating. All in all, another 500 children got to design their very own monsters and find out a little more about asthma. The next bit sounds a bit name-droppy, but I’ll bash on none-the-less…

I worked with author Clare Wilson and was there at the turning on of the Vale lights. I bumped into Whitbread’s Children’s Book Award winner – Hugh Scott. Both Hugh and his wife were charming and very informative. They cheered me up on a no-show, snowed-out workshop near Loch Lomond.

I was honoured, along with Mrs Wilding, to be asked to the Albert Hall as a guest of John Major, President of Asthma UK, where we enjoyed and fantastic night with Jose Carreras and a whole host of classical stars. Being of the ‘rock’ persuasion, Jose was a revelation to me. Strangely, within 12 hours of seeing the great tenor, I came face to face with a hero of mine – Patrick Stewart – Star Trek captain and renowned Shakespearean actor. He was, however, fairly stressed at the Airport (I will not go into details) Needless to say, I will keep my feeble gushings of praise for another day. Yes, I’m a ‘Trekie’ and proud of it.

Reality struck home, however, when we found out that our pipes had burst and flooded the house. Sodden carpets, warped kitchen units and the inevitable struggle with the insurance people were all to follow. Oh well… It was nice while it lasted.


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