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A great day at Morrison’s Academy, a return to playing guitar and some super support in Oban. March began with a bang as I journeyed north to Oban with a pile of books in tow. Oban High are to use Windsacpe as a cross-curricular study book with the S2’s and want me to come back later in the year. They have a fantastic librarian there, Lyndsay, who seems to be getting lots of authors along to the school and is pushing hard for more funds. With the general library situation just now, which is horrendous, it’s good to see some proactive work going on there. Dance nights and raffles to raise money for new books etc. Waterstone’s, in Oban, are also very supportive and have some pretty nice window displays featuring Windscape. I am set to tour with Waterstone’s round some of the islands in May. Dates to be announced. Finally, hats off to Morrison’s Academy in Creiff. What a school. It reminded me of Hogwarts, but in a nice way. Lots of history, enthusiastic teachers and awe-inspiring grounds and views. I performed workshops with children from P1-7, starting off with the new Tiffy Toffy workshop and finishing with the Imagination session for the older kids. 

I’m also back at the helm, when it comes to playing rock music again in THE GIFT. Playing some interesting venues over the next few months, I’m hoping to downsize from the rock stuff into acoustic gigs where I can chat, sing and sell books. Why not? I just need to get back into painting and that will be it, doing what I love for a living: My own Shangri-La.

Any small pubs / Inns who want a wandering minstrel just get in touch at: or


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