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Sunny Days

With a whole chunk of charity work done, a gig at the Wigtown Book Festival all sorted, the books featured at the Edinburgh Book Festival and a BRAW network networking meeting, things are getting busy again. We donated over 1200 books to some excellent good causes this month. see below… My old favourites, Asthma UK.  With Gordon Brown, the ex-children’s commissioner, at the helm they can’t go wrong. ( UNICEF well known all around the world for protecting the rights of children. Readyforten is a charity helping parents kit out a much-needed playground for their kids in Linwood. ( Glasgow the Caring City Charity. Run by the Rev. Neil Galbraith, they donate books and many other items to Haiti, Japan and other places round the world in crisis. They also focus in on Glasgow itself, and do much more besides. ( Click on the links above to find out much more about these worthy causes. My meeting the Rev Neil Galbraith at Cathcart was inspiring. On first impressions, he’s a man full of great ideas, someone who gets things done quickly, and he’s totally driven to do good wherever he can. You can’t ask much more than that. I also met Asthma UK’s new fundraising officer, Barbara Boertien. Obviously, a good organiser and a real bubbly, outgoing asset to the charity. In addition, I had a day with Waterstone’s in Inverarary and set up a few more school visits for next term in Mull and Loch lomond-side. I even got back to work on the various books I’m trying to finish. I aim to have 2 new children’s novels and a thriller at my ‘pre-editor draft stage’ by the end of August. I’ve been assigned 3 new editors, one for each of the books, which is always interesting. I also had some film company interest in THE MAGIC SCALES. J K Wilding, or what? Probably a big ‘or what’, but we’ll just have to wait and see. I’ve had a pretty hectic travel schedule too, with a trip to Switzerland and Santorini ticking my ‘big explorer’ box. Oh, I turned 50 and…indulged in a new guitar, which I’ve gigged already, and a rickty old boat. I hope it floats. I guess you could call it a kind of mid-life mooring. Regards Sam the sailor.


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