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The Wild Geese

July has been a scorcher of a month, with more voyages in the family tub, the Wilding, and a trip across to deepest Majorca, or Mallorca, as the Spanish call it. Loch Lomond has been idyllic this month. Often flat-calm, we saw plenty of Ospreys, Goosanders and irate, posh boat owners. I don’t know what it is, but they seem to get very nervous when I do my, slightly boy-racerish, jetty approaches. Boats are built to take a few knocks for goodness sake.

The family also went on a last, holiday to Mallorca, which was great but very exhausting at times. I have a very adventurous wife who likes to go ‘goose-chasing’. We call it goose-chasing, because we never really know where we’re going to end up, or why we are 6 miles down some dirt track in a very inappropriate Ford Ka that wasn’t built for the outback. We usually see a few mangy goats, climb up to a closed castle in 35 degrees of sweat and dust, and then try not to be rude on the way home. Still, holidays just wouldn’t be the same…

Book-wise, all the books will feature at the Edinburgh Book Festival; they’ll be on sale in the Charlotte Square tent-bit; and my publisher, Olida, has also set up a signing at the Wigtown Book Festival in the world famous, children’s bookshop – THE BOX OF FROGS. This will be on Saturday the 24th of September, between 10am and 2pm. So far, I have 2 schools booked for the new term:  Tobermory High School, on the island of Mull, and Gartochan Primary School, a bit closer to home. There are many more events to announce in the near future, and with a new author booking agent, Margaret Patterson, on my case, I should be a lot more organised.  I’m a member of the BRAW network and eligible for live literature funding, so, in line with many other Scottish based authors who want to ‘get out there’, I have duly updated my Scottish Book Trust page. Click on the following link –

Writing-wise, I’m on the last run-through on two new novels: Book 4 of the Denthan Series – The Phantom flux, and Book 2 of the Island Adventure Series – Seascape. More about those two next month.

Managed to catch the last 3D instalment of Harry Potter at the IMAX theatre in Braehead. What a picture; what a truly influential and far reaching conclusion to the series. Hats off to JK.  

The picture this month is straight off a chinese menu in Spain. Don’t get me wrong, we practically survive on the lovely food of the east when we’re on hols, but…

All the best and happy goose-chasing… 



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