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Eagles and the Big Draw

The month of October has been nothing short of a blessing. Book drafts were finished off and a nice break on the Cowal Penisula meant we had some great sightings of Sea Eagles and some truly superb meals. Apart from our own nosh at the Kilfinan post office, we managed to visit some of the best eating places I’ve ever known: Andrew Fairlie’s Restuarant; The Cross at Kingussie and Hipping Hall, near Kirkby Lonsdale; all came under the Wilding fork. As a consequence, my diet has suffered terribly and a new regime is needed as soon as possible to stave off the looming shadow of Christmas.

I’ve work-shopped another 800 children at schools including Gartocharn, Tobermory and Rhu, where the kids were all totally enthusiastic and imaginative. Based round my Tiffy Toffy picture books, I now have an interactive session aimed at younger children which involves counting, reading, wildlife, drawing and some laughs with the aid of a few homemade puppets. This younger audience means I can now reach out to all pupils from preschool right through to S2 and 3.   So it’s 4 to 14 for the first time. I have literally rolled out a new exercise during the visits which involves wallpaper, crayons and about 30 children at a time. Once ready they begin to draw the various creatures we’ve designed until eventually there is one big class montage. Feeding off each other, their individual ideas all inevitably blend into one big pictorial statement of their joint imagination. FUN FUN FUN!

The books continue to sell and there are rumours afoot of new publishers and opportunities for 2012.

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