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The Dodo’s in the detail

2012 has begun in style with some very exciting school visits and library events. I’ve also committed to a few new projects, the most prominent of which is the FITSTARS pack. This is a fitness package for young kids of 3-8 which is ticking many boxes with nurseries, schools and health clubs all over the land. It engages young kids and lets them use their imagination while getting active. My main input, apart from the design and business aspects has been to write and record 12 musical tracks to go on the accompanying CD. I’ve also addressed the haggis and went in search of the dodo down the in Indian Ocean. The island of Mauritius was a wonderful tropical island, found by the Portuguese, emptied of dodos by the Dutch, colonized by the French and then given a lot of its current identity by the British who were there for a good 150 yrs. the resorts are amazing but the people in the outlying areas look to be pretty poor. No dodos found this time but there is always hope. I now embarque on new adventure with a new publisher Strident Press, which I know will be very exiting. News to follow on that one soon, more detail and more books.


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