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Sunny Days…

Sunny Days Ahead!

Schools and Libraries please remember to submit your Scottish Book Trust funding requests soon for December 2012 to March 2013. Live Literature Funding is a great, affordable way to get authors in front of pupils.
Click on the link….

Windscape is to be released in a new format by STRIDENT PUBLISHING later in 2012.
Find out more about Strident…

Sam Wilding to appear at the Wigtown Book Festival with his Tiffy Toffy books on September the 30th. See the festival programme.
Click on the link…

Finally, I’ve been crazy busy over the last few months doing author days in Kemnay Academy and many other schools and libraries over Scotland. I’ve been to Switzerland to get background for a new book idea and been in the recording studio to record new tracks for the Fitstars initiative. (A great new children’s fitness programme) The Sam Wilding track for the Fitstars Olympics Programme is now available on iTunes etc.

Back sailing on the loch again



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