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Something Shining in the Sea

It all started when I saw something shining in the sea. Off the coast of Albania, a disc-like object was refracting the sunlight, flashing a random morse in the dusky light. A small boat veered off course to investigate and actually hooked whatever it was out of the water. I thought this would make a great beginning to a book and noted the title. The problem I have is not having the time to write up all my ideas, so maybe someone else should. Go for it… Corfu was roasting and the best bit was when we hired a small boat and just cruised the coast. The water was as clear as a bell and the hotel, The Oceana, was perched on a sheer cliff over the water. I did try some scuba diving, but probably won’t again. Got severe pains the next day and convinced myself I’d collapsed a lung, just before having to fly home. It turned out to be a trapped nerve, but I’m still not convinced.

Other news would be that Windscape is finally ready to roll as a kid’s novel by Strident Publishing in October. It has a very James Bondish cover, like one of those opening title sequences where there are multiple dancers, only my book has wind turbines. I keep getting asked what way I lean on the wind farm debate, but I’m still genuinely unsure.

Got booked by the Wigtown Book Festival to appear at the County Buildings at 2.30pm on the 30th September. Agent trying to arrange some live Barn Owls… It’s a long story.
Also got back into playing some gigs, the best of which was a pal’s party, outside, unannounced and halted by the Police. We were just playing some Led Zep at a zillion watts. To be fair, the boys in blue told us to enjoy it but to be finished by 11pm.

Just about to go for a swim and starve myself all day in preparation for a big 7 courser meal tonight at posh joint called the Orangery.
Getting some good school bookings lined up in the Glasgow area and in Kent to promote the new book etc.
Took a great pic of the kids going back to school yesterday but can’t find it on my iPad yet. Speaking of which, I’ll go through how I use the iPad in the writing process next blog. Been asked by a school to detail.



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  1. In the bar with Jeremy Clarkson and James May

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