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Frying Tonight

More author events rattling in, so I watch Michael Morpurgo for a bit of inspiration. He too had a shaky start in English back at school, as did Roald Dahl. This gives me a little comfort. I mainly empathise with the way Morpurgo pours the fresh story out into ‘the cup’ before it gets cold, and then tidy’s up the spills  later. He also reads his new chapters out loud and adjusts. I’m in the middle of putting a new ‘act’ together for the Wigtown Festival based around my owl book – The Lucky Pellet. I’m busy constructing 2 huge, rugby ball-sized owl pellets…. Don’t ask.

I saw an osprey flying over the masonic hall today. It was just like an oversized buzzard, only with a white belly and a pair of angular wings that reminded me of a lapwing. Gulls and crows mobbed it as it made its winding way over the Vale of Leven, possibly getting its bearings for a long flight back to Africa. This made me wonder about all those poor homing pigeons that are going missing which in turn reminded me of the huge chunks of ice that are shearing off the north pole glaciers…and the gigantic sun-flares pictured in the papers this week.  Is there a link? Is something weird going on? Probably not, but it might make the beginning of a good book.

Took a break down in Dalbeatie and managed to get some writing done in one of the nicest cottages we’ve ever stayed in. Lots of walking, tennis and birdwatching. There was even a lochan where we could go kayaking. My wife persauded me to take a bath outside with a real fire underneath (don’t do this at home kids). She loves me really. I think… And it had a special bit of wood to stop you burning your bum. In the end it was just a lump of meat steeping in an insect consommé. We had a steep climb up to the top of lighthouse at Southerness(decommissioned in 1931), oh… and Betsy had a great time chasing squirrels and chickens.

September looks like the calm before the storm. Off to Madrid, never been before, and down to the Canaries in October.


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