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Sam ‘n’ Rushdie hit Wigtown

September was always going to be hectic, especially the end of the month, and it was…

I travelled down to the WIGTOWN Book Festival on the Friday and attended the usual marque reception with Adrian Turpin and both of my publishers. The tent was busier than usual and, due to a hotel mix up, I was placed, along with Olida publisher, Allan Sneddon and author, Clare Wilson, in a very fine 1800’s mansion. I was last to arrive, so given the attic as my own personal floor. All was well until I was ‘haunted’ at about 3 a.m. My electric fire did a somersault and exploded. As a result, I dozed, in a state of shock, with the light on, from 4 until 7.

The next day I rehearsed for Wigtown’s got Talent with said Allan, my very hectic drummer, nicknamed, Rushdie. We crafted some acoustic blues, but fate placed a bonny pair of sisters with lovely voices in our path and victory sailed away from Sam ‘N’ Rushdie, up into the inky ‘Dark Skies’. I did, however, get to perform with the Astronomer Royal and have a laugh with the Guardian and Scotsman critics before tumbling back into my haunted lair.

I ran my Tiffy Toffy Barn Owl session in the County Buildings and took great pleasure in donating 100 picture books to kids in Uganda.

Finally, more traveling took me to Madrid and then to Fuetreventura before I returned to normality and a list of ‘to dos’.

Looking forward to the various Sam Wilding gigs on the horizon and, of course, to the long-awaited launch of Strident Publishing’s version of Windscape.

I am working on seven books just now, which is a bit daunting but just the way I like it.





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