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Tomato and Pepper Soup

Yes, I know I have no right spilling out recipes and stuff. I’m a children’s author and busy dad but, as a bit of food therapy for myself, I thought I might just jot down the odd food experiment. I’ll put down the recipe, the outcome, and why it might be healthy for me.
I need a major overhaul. I’m three stone overweight, my cholesterol is through the roof, and I’m on the wrong side of forty for that kind of thing.

So, I give you…

Tomato and Pepper Soup.

Basically, it was all I could find in the fridge on Hogmanay that looked vaguely healthy.
6 tomatoes , medium size.
1 red pepper
1 yellow pepper
Three cloves of garlic
A chicken stock cube
A handful of coriander leaves
A half handful of basil leaves
About a cup of milk – semi skilled, as my mum calls it.
A dash of olive oil

Put the lot into a pan and reduce for 25 mins
And reheat adding a little more milk or double cream, if your not being that good.

Did it taste good?

Yes, it did. It wasn’t too overpowering, just nice. Tomatoey, warming and interesting all at the same time. I would probably add some black pepper next time, that’s it. No salt needed, enough in the stock cube.
I’ll give it 8/10

What about you?

Now for the lowdown on one of the ingredients…

Tomatoes: contain large amounts of lycopene, thought to have high anti-oxidant properties, which can help protect against prostate and pancreatic cancer. They are a main constituent of the Mediterranean diet which in itself is supposed to reduce the risk of death by heart disease and cancer. If a little olive oil is eaten with the tomatoes and they have their skins on, this greatly increases their health giving properties. So use fresh ones when you can.




One Response to “Tomato and Pepper Soup”

  1. Just made it and was the best! Thanks for the free recipe. Will there be more to come?

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