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Curried Butterfly Prawns

Prawns often get a bad press when it comes to healthy eating, especially when it comes to the old cholesterol levels. So, I thought I’d try and cancel out some of the bad stuff with some cholesterol busting onions and leeks. Prawns are too scrumptious to ignore so, here we go…

Heat smidgen of olive oil in a frying pan.
Add a whole chopped red onion and half a leek. Add 2 tbsps of curry powder. I use Youngs Chinese Curry Powder. Mash this into the veggies until it forms a smoothish paste.
Add some boiling water. Half a cup or so.
Soften everything in the pan and at the same time boil a pot of water for the rice and get to the job of butterflying your prawns. I much prefer the prawns this way, just a slit with a sharp knife down the back of the prawn at the thick end and they will cook quicker and turn in on themselves. They look much prettier too.

Add a handful of Basmati rice to the boiling water. Salt it.

After five minutes add the butterflied prawns to the frying pan. Don’t overcook the prawns, you want soft tender prawns not bullets.

Stir and add a further 100ml of boiling water.

Use the same spoon to stir the curry as you do to stir the rice. Colors the rice nicely.

After another eight minutes or so, drain the rice and cram it into a cup. Let it stand for ten seconds then tap it onto the plate.

Put your curry round your tower of rice and perhaps add a small nan to the dish.

Verdict: it was delicious but next time I’m going to add ginger and garlic. 8/10

The lowdown on prawns: come on, don’t be so hard on prawns. They are a great source of protein and a typical 100g only contains 0.7g of fat. They are high in cholesterol, but by adding the red onions you definitely make a dent in the negatives.





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