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Cajun Chicken with Tzatziki and Salad

This recipe is a real blend of cultures that works well. Just about every ingredient has a health benefit but we’ll look at the lime element later. You can put this together in 15 mins if you want by missing out marination.

Take three chicken breasts and score them. By that, I mean flip them over and make three or four scores with a sharp knife longways. This opens up the breast, making it quicker to cook, but it also let’s all that marinade really take hold.

The Marinade…

Dice up 3 cloves of garlic and rub into the meat.
Give the chicken a good dousing of olive oil.
Sprinkle the chicken breasts with 3 tsps of Schwartz Cajun Spice mix.
Squeeze three limes over the chicken

In an ideal world marinate the chicken over night in the fridge.


Prepare the Tzatziki. A much harder to spell than it is to make.
Take half a big pot of Greek yogurt, plop it into a soup dish.
Add two tbsps of mint sauce, Colman’s is good.
Dice about a three inch section of cucumber and throw that in too.
Mix round with a tea spoon and thats it. Put it on the table.

The salad…

Take another three inches of cucumber and cut thin, lengthwise.
Grate some carrot and some beet root
Then add some raw red onion rings.
Job done. Put it on the table.

Get your frying pan hot.
Empty your marinated chicken in there.
Keep turning and squeeze another lime over the chicken
Sprinkle another 2 tsps of Cajun Spice over the chicken as it cooks.
After about 15 mins, when the chicken is just cooked though, (check by slitting a chicken breast at its thickest part) serve. Make sure you pour all the marinade over the chicken.

Serve with some nan or pitta to mop up the Tzatziki and the juices.

Bloomin’ yum yum.

Verdict: Clean plates, even the kids. Unlike those miraculous TV chefs whose kids eat anything, my four are all fussy little so and so’s. This is one dish that avoids you making another three dinners at the same time.
They gave it 10/10

The lowdown on limes… There are masses of benefits, mainly based around the high levels of flavonoids in limes. They help with digestion, ulcers, gout, arthritis, diabetes… They are supposed to help with gum disease and to give some protection against cancer and even aging around the eyes…(

A small word of warning, and something I didn’t know, the seeds of citrus fruits are very poisonous. Make sure they are removed when cooking.







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