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Salmon with Lime and Ginger

Here’s an easy one. I love smoked salmon but sometimes I like a change. So…

Get some smoked salmon, about 200g, and lay out on a large plate.
Squeeze the juice of three limes over the top.
Grate a two inch cube of fresh ginger and sprinkle over the top too.

Place in the fridge for and hour and serve with hot brown crusty toast.

The verdict: easy and very refreshing. The lime juice dampens the nippy ginger but still preserves the taste and the benefits.

The lowdown on ginger – From the ancient Chinese and the Romans, to mothers of poorly children worldwide, for thousands of years now ginger has been used as a spice and a medicine. Although it is commonly described as a root, it is in fact a rhizome, a stem that grows out from the plant underground, and from which small roots will sprout, as well as new green shoots.

Ginger’s most well-known medicinal use is as a digestive-aid, to relieve tummy pain, nausea and diarrhoea, as well as morning sickness and travel sickness. This is thought to be because of the spice’s high levels of gingerol; a powerful component that gives it its natural zingy flavour, and which acts as an anti-inflammatory in the body.

If you’re wondering how to use ginger, it’s very easy- since it is both fibrous and tough, and full of juice and oils, it is ideal for grating or expressing into just about any food or drink that you feel like.

Even ginger ale and candied ginger have medicinal properties, if you’re not sure about using the fresh variety. (



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