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Fried Bread Dipped in Egg

I’ve been away from my cooker for a while, hosting a show down in London. Anyway, here’s a classic bit of nosh for those of us on the hop.

Take one egg and crack it into a bowl.
Add a pinch of nutmeg, a smidgen of cinnamon and a dash of low fat milk. I sometimes just add water. Whisk it all up and add a little salt and pepper.
Get some brown bread and dip it in the egg mix.
Put the eggy bread into a pan. I sometimes just dry-fry it in a non stick pan, but on this occasion I used a pan where I’d fried some bacon.

Turn the bread and keep the pan hot.

After about 5 mins serve with some chopped spring onions and tomato sauce.


The verdict: I cooked this for my daughter, who scraped off the onion and added loads more tomato sauce. Oh, well…

The lowdown on eggs – they are a good source of protein, Vit A, D, B2 and iodine. They also contain cholesterol. Everything in moderation is what I say. Also, be careful how you cook them. They can cause food poisoning. Not sure how I feel about eggs. Are they good or bad? Overall, I’m going to say good.




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