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Hosting Happyness

The last two months have been pretty hectic in the world of Sam. There was Xmas, some jamming, some hosting, a good chunk of writing, a promise to myself, and the prospect of some far flung travel. There was also an invite to become an ambassador for the charity Helensburgh Heroes.

Christmas was quieter than usual. Nice in a way, it was just the immediate family instead of the usual 21. I got lots of clothes, which reminded me of he much I’d grown since 2011, and a heap of sweets and chocolate which set me on the wrong course again. So the promise to myself was to get fitter and thinner. I thought I’d capture some of my homemade meals on this blog for two reasons: firstly, so I wouldn’t forget them, I’m always cooking stuff and then forgetting what I did; and secondly to share some of these healthier dishes with the interweb.

I was lucky enough to do some blues and rock jamming with my two oldest pals on the music front, Craig and Jim, which meant I had to dust down my Les Paul and tidy up my Ralph Bown Accoustic.

I’d been commissioned to write a two hour show for a big company in London, which soon evolved into a producing and hosting job. Hats off to Leah for all her input and help. She was the co-everything on this one. The show was a great success in early January, but I think Mr Seacrest’s job is safe for now.

I’m pretty steeped in a new book which is actually based, in some part, on my own life. Back in the sixties, I was in a Black and White Minstrel troupe. Just a boy, I toured round the town halls of Scotland. This, combined with my time at school, where I was the victim of some pretty unpleasant racism, should deliver something a bit different. Now twelve chapters in.

I was asked to be an ambassador for the Helensburgh Hero Centre charity. This is a great honour and I’m in great company. The other three ambassadors are: Hollywood film director, Tom Vaughan; actor Lex Shrapnel, star of Captain America – the First Avenger, and Paralympian tennis ace, Gordon Reid. All of us are linked to the town. Read why I’m behind this project at –

I continue to be an ambassador for the charity Asthma UK, and will do my best to spread the word over my next chunk of school visits.

I’m off to tour round Spain in February and there’s even the prospect of a trip to Australia later in the year, so my ‘need for adventure box’ should be thoroughly ticked.

Anyway, a Happy New Year to you all and it’s over and out until next time.





<;Gordon, Lex and Tom





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