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Prawn and Pomegranate Soup

Trying this new fasting diet and today is one of those days. Looking round the kitchen I decided to use what I could find quickly. The prawns seem to be fairly low calorie and the rest is just veg and a stock cube. I need to keep under 600 calories.
The prawns, 100g, we’re 89 cals
The stock cube was 7 cals
The veg was less than 50 cals
The whole meal pitta was 130 cals

So the whole shabang was only 276 cals

Chop up a red onion
A quarter of a yellow pepper
The seeds of half a pomegranate
A chicken stock cube
Two spring onions, chopped
Chilli flakes
And ten Pacific Prawns , 100g

Fire the lot into a pan
Stir until prawns go pinkish
Add jug of water, 200ml
And bring to boil

Serve with hot wholewheat pitta

Job done

The verdict – weirdly nice, with the crunch of the pomegranate seeds and the chilli etc



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