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The Squashed Worm and Bramble Pie

This month began with a nasty form of lurgie. I felt awful but after 3 days of Lemsips and honey, I pulled myself out of bed at 5 am, still feeling miserable, and headed down to London. After a few fraught meetings in the mansions of power, negotiating with marketing and sales, I managed to escape to Northern Ireland. The kids across there are amazing and in the few hours I had free, the quality of the artwork I saw was truly top notch. There were lots of puppets, drawing, singing and plenty great examples of imagination from the kids. After a few stories of my high-jinks with bears and pop stars, we got down to some of the reasons why I wrote the novel, WINDSCAPE, exploring some of the underlying themes.
I also managed an impromptu Tiffy and Toffy workshop with some fans of the sister mice. They had taken the time to make their own version of the squashed worm and bramble pie featured in one of the Tiffy Toffy stories. Theirs was much more appetising than the original. See the pics…
I then struck north to the Faro Islands and the town of TORVSHAVN. It was very snowy and cold but I was lucky enough to eat at a great restaurant called KOKS. The food was amazing, fish skin served on the spine of a cod and fermented lamb scattered across a veg timbale. To be honest the lamb, left to rot for 3 months, was a bit of a struggle. Other items on the menu, however, like the raw cod and hazel nuts, were really different and completely delicious. I then travelled back to Copenhagen and walked round an amazing frozen lake, visited the Palace and the Guinness Book of Records Museum. Who knew there was one there?
I feel I’m beginning to get boys more interested in reading and writing; a bit of a quest of mine. The Denthan Series may be serialised into 8 smaller volumes, which i feel will help in this particular fight. The battle scenes and monsters always appeal to the boys, but 110,000 words are often a challenge. More news on these new titles and book covers to follow.
Spent a birthday weekend in Ardonasaig, on the shores of Loch Tay, where I managed to finish off the final draft of SEASCAPE, book 2 in the Island Adventure Series. It explores a few more issues while taking the young reader on an adventure. This book covers – stealing bird eggs, The Arab Spring, potential step-mums, and friendship.
I had a frantic weekend recording songs for the new FITSTARS music CD called, Seasonal Themes. Almost 200 Aberdeenshire schools and nurseries have already adopted the FITSTARS programmes for younger children. Keeping fit is a major priority for many schools and indeed the Government these days so it seems FITSTARS can only expand and grow in the current political climate.
Finally, off to The Canaries for a few weeks while our house is being re-wired. Hoping all will be finished by our return.



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