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Heroes and Projects

It’s been crazy over the last few months. Lots of traveling – to Lanzarote, Belfast, London, Duns, Biggar and then back to Helensburgh. I find out that Lanzarote is a lot more than a collection of semi-dormant volcanos, it has some of the best wildlife I’ve seen in The Canaries. For example, the great grey shrike, a predatory bird that hunts lizards and then impales them on thorns for later. We also spotted egyptian vultures and a very fast hobby. The hobby is like a mini perigrene falcon. This one was hunting over the cliffs beside Papagayo Beach.
I was in Belfast, at the Balmoral Show. They now hold this agricultural extravaganza at what was once the Maze Prison. A grim and hopeless place not so long ago, the Maze is now teaming with tents and stands, all geared towards the farming community and the people of Ireland.
In London I walked over ten miles with my daughter, Emma, exploring the sites. We went to the musical, Wicked, and it was. Great singing and a real surprise that the wicked witch of Oz was, well I won’t spoil it… a great singer.
I visited Duns with the book WINDSCAPE and was amazed by the way the children had taken the book and turned it into a three month project. Click on the Facebook link.
In Biggar too, the school kids were great fun during my Bears, Bands and Books talk. They asked some great questions and I had to dig deep to remember all those facts about bears and tick physiology.
I managed to make the news in Helesburgh when I visited the proposed site of a very exciting Heroes Centre. This, when finished, will be a great digital resource for the town and a testament to many of the famous people that came from this wonderful spot on the west coast of Scotland. Phil Worms is the brain behind the project and he has already kindled the imagination of politicians, movie directors, olypians and action heroes. Please find out more by clicking the link Helensburgh Heroes
WINDSCAPE also features in the Royal Botanics – Natural Scotland exhibition in Edinburgh. I recommend getting along there to see the gardens and everything else on display. A great place to take the family and often overlooked by visitors to the capital.
Oh, I also released a new song on iTunes called – ‘You’re Magic’. A wee comedy ditty about witches and stuff.
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