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A Busy Weekend

New Children’s Novel released on Kindle…


This book is set in 1973, and reflects some of the attitudes of the time. Although none of the characters or settings are real, being dark skinned then, in the West of Scotland, had its drawbacks. Racism and sectarianism were simply part of growing up. A great adventure for kids that explores a sensitive topic.

‘Nothing is black and white for Sunny Wilson.

Life isn’t easy for Sunny Wilson. He’s just starting Secondary School, but bullies are the least of his problems. Luck seems to be on his side when he survives a violent road accident, but Sunny soon realises he’ll need even more luck to escape the new threats that are on his tail. Racial prejudice is rife in his small Scottish town during the 1970’s. Can Sunny break through his school mates’ discriminative views and save himself from his fate?’

School Pack to follow.

Also released a bit of a topical single on iTunes.


This was recorded to support the launch of the book – Mightier Than The Sword by Alexander Tait. Words by B Scobie.

It’s the story of Scotland and takes on one of the stances in the Independence issue. I will perform the song live at the launch on the 27th of May. More folk-type gigs to follow.


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