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Spring into Summer


Lots going on just now. Just had a great night with some old rock pals from the 80s and 90s. Hamie from the band Heavy Pettin and Neil and Davie from the band Glasgow , my regular drummer and pal Craig, Deke – renowned sax player, belt it oot Barsy, Allan Russell, George Douglas and myself played a one-off gig under the name Last Waltz in Glasgow this week. A great time was had by all and we had the joint jumpin’. I also played an acoustic set at The Loch Lomond National Park Centre where I got to go solo for once.

Bookwise, there are a few dates coming up, including a slot as the keynote speaker for St Columba’s Junior School prize-giving. I get to give out the prizes this year and meet some very talented children.
Going forward, book one of the newly re-written Denthan Series is coming along nicely and should be out with Strident Publishing in September.
The Black and White Boy was released on eBook in May and is ticking along nicely. Here’s a wee summary – the ‘book book’ will be released by Neetah Books in October.

is an adventure story that tackles racism from a different angle. ‘A boy with dark skin had to be thick-skinned in the 70s, and when Sunny Wilson survives a horrible accident he soon realises that the racist taunts and bullying from his classmates are the least of his worries.’ Sam Wilding yet again explores a tricky subject through a delightful and often funny adventure story. You really get a sense of the 70s in Scotland, yet the book is still very relevant today. A great read that any kid would enjoy and a superb way for children to explore a very tricky topic, no matter where they live.

I also released a single called AN INDEPENDENT LAND, specially recorded to support the new book by Alexander Tait called MIGHTIER THAN THE SWORD.

Off to Northern Spain at the end of the month where I’ll put the final touches to a new Thriller/Rom-Com/knockabout called DEAD DOG BEACH. It’s based round the premiss that marriage has an expiry date and features a rock and roll has-been who gets drawn into a world of gangsters and mafia hit men in the search for his estranged wife. Funny and Violent, so not for my younger audience. It will be released under my Damian Peck pseudonym.

The music is on iTunes and the books are on ibooks and all the other usual sites.




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  1. Brill night was had by all and great reading all round

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