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Bali – a window on another world

Bali Trip Overview

Sam Wilding gives an overview of his author visit to Bali. He tells us about the situation in the more remote parts of the island and sets his objectives for the visit. He linked up with two schools in Scotland prior to his visit – Christie Park Primary School in Alexandria, West Dunbartonshire; and Braehead Primary School in Aberdeen. Both schools produced cross-cultural material so Sam could take this with him. He will update his channels as often as he can between the 17th and 29th of May. 

Schools can follow his travels and answer challenge questions along the way via GLOW.

Sam is working with the East Bali Poverty Project and will visit six newly constructed schools. He will talk to the children about reading and writing, as ‘Education’ is now a main priority. He will storyboard a picture book for the children in Bali around sanitation and nutrition. He will also raise awareness here in Scotland about the great work of the East Bali Poverty Project and facilitate a sharing of culture between the two sets of children in Scotland and in Bali.

Some pictures of Tuesday’s visit to Braehead Primary. 




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