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The Winds of Change

December 1, 2012

With Windscape finally printed and on release I began putting together a bit of a kid’s roadshow, where I get to talk about the new book and the topics it covers: the wind farm debate, friendship, racism and bullying. I tried this new author presentation out in a few great schools and it seemed to […]

My own Shangri-La.

March 10, 2011

A great day at Morrison’s Academy, a return to playing guitar and some super support in Oban. March began with a bang as I journeyed north to Oban with a pile of books in tow. Oban High are to use Windsacpe as a cross-curricular study book with the S2’s and want me to come back […]

Jose, Patrick and the Flood

December 9, 2010

Yes, it has been another crazy month in the zany life of Sam Wilding… fantastic kids up in Ullapool and Oban, wind-powered children in Galston, with under-floor heating. All in all, another 500 children got to design their very own monsters and find out a little more about asthma. The next bit sounds a bit name-droppy, but I’ll […]

Harris Tweed

May 29, 2010

It’s a full house. Fiona at the Tarbert Library has, like the pied piper, drawn in children from every school in Harris, and this on a day when Sir Seb Coe is only a few miles away promoting the relevance of the Olympics in the Western Isles. Hosting the biggest sporting event in the world is extraordinary but […]

A great time at W H Smith…

May 13, 2010

Sam Wilding wooed children from Banchory in a W H Smith writing workshop, where the kids got to design their own monsters and run with their imagination…. It was great to see such a proactive store. The children had a fantastic time and showed off their own talents for writing and creating characters. Sam went on to […]

Gordon Brown promotes new fantasy book

May 4, 2010

Gordon Brown, of Asthma UK Scotland, met with children’s author, Sam Wilding, at the Scottish Parliament  today. They attended a cross-party discussion group on asthma action plans and then took the opportunity to launch book three in the Denthan series to tie in with World Asthma Day. Sam Wilding’s fantasy trilogy about a boy hero with asthma has been a […]