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Fillet Steak with Chilli Sprouts

February 3, 2013

So I have 300 calories left of my fasting 600. I picked up a cook book in a charity shop was inspired to come up with my own version of something in there. Take 100g of fillet steak = 120kcals Some spring onions A long red pepper And a bunch of beam sprouts Sear the […]

Salmon with Toasted Avocado and Sesame

January 4, 2013

I love Scottish salmon when it melts like butter in your mouth. I especially love it with a little spice and some soya sauce. In this recipe, I’m going to add some sautéed leeks and peppers along with a complete experiment; some avocado, which I always find too slimy and tasteless in salads. The avocado, […]

Chilli Chicken and Red Pepper Soup

January 2, 2013

I love Chinese soup and have used this recipe for some time now, especially when the weather is rubbish. I use crushed chilli flakes, so you can add these in at the end or not, depending on taste. Again, I like to cook something that you can chuck together in about 5 minutes, so… Take […]

Spanish Chicken and Chorizo Roast

January 1, 2013

This recipe is a blend of quite a few others out there. I worked in Spain for a while and had this particular version just outside Barcelona. I’m back in Spain in February, but until then, here we go… Take 5 big potatoes and slice them into 2 cm sections. Take 2 big red onions […]